How To Do Palm Reading On Your Fate Line


How to Read Your Fate Line

The Fate Line is the main vertical line running up the palm toward the Saturn finger (middle finger) and that is why sometimes it is referred to as the "Saturn Line". Some palm readers call it the "Luck Line" because it deals a lot with success.

Fate Line.This line can be the full length of the palm or just a short piece down to less than an inch long, generally on the "heel" of the palm. Sometimes it is missing from one hand or the other but that is rare. In any case, the Fate Line (or not) is one of the most important palmistry lines to read in hands. Let's take a look at yours.

If Your Fate Line Is Short on Either hand

Fate Line.

People with a short Fate Line, or don't have a Fate Line, feel free to take a break in the middle of tasks or redirect their goal and energies to something completely different at any time. They don't feel the need to complete their projects in one setting. They easily can let things go until tomorrow. Fortunately, these people with no Fate Line, or with one that is very short, are very easy to get along with and are quick to play and have fun.

If the Fate Line is absent on either hand, this is nothing to worry about. The worst thing that is most likely evident is that the person appears to be not very dedicated to some things in life. "Free Spirit" is a name frequently associated with people who have no Fate Line.

If the Fate Line is missing on the right hand, the Free Spirit attitude is mostly associated with work or career. If missing from the left hand, the Free Spirit will be mostly associated with family and closest friends.

What we read in the Fate Line is the condition, length, and end termination points. These indicators tell us about how you deal with accountability, self-worth, and completion of tasks and goals. These are factors which have great influence on your successes in life. We'll see how you stay on track to finish what you start or how you tinker around doing a little on one thing and then easily slip off into the next task before completing the first task. Your Fate Line will reveal much about how you do or don't produce daily successes.

How to Read Your Right Hand Fate Line

The right hand Fate Line condition and destination reveals how you approach your purpose in life and how dedicated you are to completing tasks and reaching goals related to job and career. (Remember that the right hand is all about the outer world of public appearance, status, and career.)

A long, deep, straight - with no breaks - Fate Line on the right hand (as shown above) indicates you have all the necessary personal tools and drive to achieve your career goals. Every task and project are eagerly worked on diligently until completed, with every detail personally checked and rechecked to ensure success. You quickly figure out what has to be done, and you don't hesitate to tackle every obstacle in your way to success. That is just the way you are naturally. You came to this planet to succeed with your perseverance!

People with a long and deep Fate Line tend to be "workaholics" who work on every project and job until it is totally finished, and after finishing they look for more to do. They seldom take breaks from working. Even when on vacations they will find jobs to do and even jump in to help others.

A long deep Fate Line on the right hand is a gift for insured success in the outer world of career and public action. However, it also  can be a burden if the owner does not take good care of health issues and take breaks periodically to rest. Even powerful race cars have to pull into the pit to get refueled and replace worn tires.

How to Read Your Left Hand Fate Line

The left hand reveals the inner world of family and personal needs. The left hand Fate Line that is long and deep reveals the person who works hard continuously on family needs and those private and personal things in life that bring pride and satisfaction to those close to home. If your left hand Fate Line is long and deep, don't waste time on public projects where you are the center of the action, for you will find little personal satisfaction and will regret neglecting your closest friends and family, which is where your most important interests are.

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How to Read the Origin End of the Fate Line

The origin end of the line (See drawing below) reveals how one felt in their early years about self-worth and how much power was felt to control own life. If the first inch (2.5 cm) of the line is fragmented and otherwise unclear, this indicates in childhood the sense of self was very confusing and uncertain. As long as the line continues to show those discontinuities, that feeling remains at subconscious levels and probably is affecting daily life in negative ways. In the long run, these minor daily negative feelings and delays may affect one's future ("fate") in not so good ways. Conversely, if the bottom end of the line is well formed then it indicates a good start in life occurred which provides self-confidence to this day.

Below we will see how the Fate Line on the palm relates to the on-going "sense of purpose" in life. This usually means that the Fate Line condition on the right hand shows how we feel about our career (i.e. the "outer world"). The Fate Line on the left hand (even if left handed) reveals our personal sense of purpose and dedication to family and those closest to us.

Fate Line Origin.Below are four Fate Line origin points and the significance of each:

A: Original family values, and training have a strong influence on career and sense of purpose in life. This person is influenced greatly in making choices in life by early family training and values. Today's conscious decisions will be strongly biased by family influence from the past.

B: Indicates self-reliance and resourcefulness in making choices about one’s purpose in life. Chance and family connections are not depended upon for career, what one does in life, and how time is spent. The challenge for this person is to stick with her or his own values, and live life independently from past or present family influence.

C: Career choices are made by chance and help from others. Family values and desires have little effect on the career and sense of purpose in life. Adventure and exploration are important values. The challenge for this person is to get in touch with her or his own sense of purpose and not allow chance and others to direct the course of life.

D: Intuition and psychic abilities are important assets in completing one's purpose. If this type of Fate Line is on the right hand, these intuitive and psychic energies can be used most effectively in one’s career. If, on the left hand, the psychic energies can be used most effectively in one’s personal life and family.

What About a Fate Line Halfway Up the Palm?

Often the Fate Line ends somewhere in mid-palm. There is a special significance in two situations.

Fate Line Stopped by the Head Line
Fate Line ends at Head Line.People with their right hand Fate Line blocked by the Head Line tend to become bored with tasks or jobs with a lot of rules, restrictions, and responsibility involved. They generally do not reach a level of success working for others but do much better working independently.

If this condition is only in the left hand, it shows that this tendency applies to relationships primarily and not to career.

Fate Line Stopped by the Heart Line
Fate Line ends at Head Line.People with this condition where the Fate Line ends at the Heart Line on the right hand let emotions and affairs of the heart interfere with their career and completion of tasks. They let their emotions and personal relations rule business decisions. It is very difficult for them to make the tough career decisions that may result in someone else getting hurt. They would rather be hurt than hurt someone else. They don't feel free to be businesslike with others.

The challenge for people with this line is to be decisive and fair in making decisions and not let their emotions get in the way or to feel guilty. This will be especially difficult for them if they have "Thinker" or "Pleaser" types of Heart Lines.

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