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hand and globe presents: the global news & science about hands! Including 1600+ fascinating, informative and entertaining resources about all aspects of hands, palm reading & palmistry. Don't miss this site designed and developed by Martijn van Mensvoort, MSc. who has consistently updated and added to this outstanding and most complete site about modern hand analysis.

A new welcome addition to Martijn's comprehensive website is a great forum where everyone is welcome to discuss the basic principles of modern hand analysis & classic palmistry. Also, you can find the latest hand news and new insights! Plus... you can get some tips & feedback about YOUR hands! Forum moderators: Martijn (Dutch hand researcher), Lynn (UK hand analyst) Join the fun at

hand A fine site dedicated to Hand Analysis, Palmistry and Tarot. Lynn Seal is very knowledgeable, helpful, and a pleasure to deal with in all her pursuits. She goes out of her way to help others. You will find plenty on her site to hold your interest.

Alice's book For those of you more comfortable in reading Deutsch, check out Alice Funk's beautiful site on Hand Analysis. (The site is also in English.) Check out the many services Alice offers.

hand Jennifer Hirsch is in South Africa with just about anything you want concerning hands: readings, classes, and her new book, "God Given Glyphs - Decoding Fingerprints". Checkout her fine contributions to the art of hand reading -- and even decoding fingerprints.

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