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How to Read Your Head Line

The Head Line is one of the four major lines in the hand. It does not reveal how smart you are, but it does indicate the way you use your mind. Head LineThe Head Line is seldom missing from hands. It runs roughly parallel to the Heart Line and just below it.

The Head Line reveals information on energies that are less subtle than the Heart Line energies. Head Line energies are more grounded in the facts of life and are related to the thought processes used in daily life.

The straighter and flatter the Head Line, the more practical and logical you are. The more curvy the Head Line, the more you use imagination and intuition in daily life.

The Head Line origin is on the thumb side of the hand, and it traverses toward the little finger side of the hand. The Head Line origin indicates to what degree you approach life aggressively or cautiously.

How to Read Your Head Line Origin

Head Line origin points.

The Head Line origin may originate from six general areas. Each different origin area reveals a different mental approach to dealing with life.

A Origin starts high up under Jupiter finger: Jupiter here provides strong leadership energies to all mental tasks. This person does a lot of planning, organizing, controlling, and directing to make all projects and projects successful. Their good leadership skills bring loyal followers who want to share in the successes this person generates.

B Origin slightly up under Jupiter finger: Not as strongly driven as the A type, but with many of the good leadership skills very evident.

C Origin slightly down toward thumb: Independant. Thinks about ambition and leadership roles that might be interesting, but not strong drive to actually do them.

D Origin down and just touching the Life Line: Lets life's opportunities come and go without a lot of personal influence. Generally contented with whatever is happening. Easy to get along with. Makes a trouble-free friend for most any type person.

E Origin down and crossing Life Line: Sensitive and seeks safety within self. Not going to interfere with the decisions of others. Is a good follower and loyal worker when left alone.

F Origin starts well into palm and touching the Life Line: Cautious. Family motivated. Not going to push anyone to get his or her own way. Not looking for new opportunities unless they drop into life path. A good loyal long term friend not requesting anything from others.

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How to Read Your Head Line Destination

The Head Line destination point on the little finger side of the hand shows to what degree the person is logical or intuitive in her or his thought processes. For example:

Head Line end points.

1: Upturned Destination End: Makes quick, unemotional and rational decisions. Could be a ruthless boss. Treats all situations like they were very serious business.

2: Long and Flat: Analytical, linear, and rational mind. Needs mental challenges that are big, important, and complex. A good researcher for finding details others overlooked.

3: Balanced between rational and imaginative. Has excellent skills in counseling others in problem solving.

4: Very imaginative and intuitive. Probably has excellent psychic abilities.

Forked Head Line with both 1 and 2 Destination: Skillful working with teams of people. Good communicator and very practical.

Forked Head Line with both 3 and 4 Destination: Can see both sides of every issue. Practical, yet imaginative.

A Special Line: The Simian Line

When the Heart Line and Head Line are fused together, only one major line is present, and it extends all the way across the hand from edge to edge. This line is called a "Simian Line". Shown below on the left are the usual Heart and Head Lines. On the right is the Simian Line.

Creative and leadership abilities are revealed in the hand

Approximately 4% of Caucasians have this line on at least one hand. Approximately 13% of all Asians have it on at least one hand. It is even rarer (1%) to have this line on both hands.

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