About Your Heart Line


How to Read Your Heart Line

Your Heart Line reveals a lot about intimacy and relationships at all levels. Palmistry Major LinesThe present condition of your Heart Line shows your attitude about past experiences in relationships. You can't hide your secrets anymore! The condition of the Heart Line now (from past experiences) gives clues to how you will handle intimacy and relationships in the future. We Hand Analysts do not do fortune telling; instead we look at indicators likely to influence the future.

Notice the Heart Line origin, near the percussion edge of the hand below the Mercury finger. This reveals your past history information about the most intimate subconscious feelings about love. The very subtle and deep energies dealing with relationships reside on this side of the hand near the little finger (Mercury). If there are emotional scars from childhood relationships in the family, they will appear in this area of the Heart Line.

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Heart Line Origin Low.

For example, when your Heart Line origin is low below the Mercury finger (A) it reveals a strong need for love and intimacy. The wide area between Mercury finger and the Heart Line origin shows the person "is wide open to love". These very loving people actively seek love and may be misunderstood as being flirtatious by those with a higher Heart Line origin. Generally they are the "life of the party". She or he does not easily commit all their love to just one person.

Heart Line Origin Middle.This person (B) is comfortable with intimate relationships and with being close to friends. Makes friends easily and shares personal information freely. Generously shares personal possessions. Has many close friends but not as open to sharing personal feelings of love as much as person(A).

Heart Line Origin High.The higher the Heart Line originates below Mercury, the more this person (C) is closed to love and an expression of commitment. She or he is emotionally unable to give much of herself or himself to another person for an intimate relationship. She or he does not feel a strong need for love or for making a commitment to anyone. Does not easily share personal feelings.

If this person's Mercury finger additionally is curled in toward the palm, then she or he definitely does not want to get close or make any personal commitments to any one person.

This person is generally a very hard worker. He or she devotes much creativity and dedication to work at home or on the job.

Heart Line Origin On Mercury.This Heart Line origin (D) in Mercury finger reveals that the person loves money and possessions more than people. Relationship problems will revolve around money and things. Money and things will interfere with the ability to be intimate. Money and possessions will be used for power and to buy “love”.

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