About Your Left Hand 


What the Left Hand Reveals

Scientists have identified numerous different functions in the left and right halves of our brain. They know that the brain left half controls the body right side, and the right half brain controls the left body side. The published research on this subject is abundant and supports what we know in palmistry about left-hand and right-hand characteristics. For left handed people, the right side brain is highly influential and deals with the "big picture", total concepts, and complex relationships with total understanding.

Your left hand is controlled by the right hemisphere of your brain. The lines, shape, colors condition of the left hand reveals much about how relationships are handled with everyone in your life. Dealing with many different types of people is done easily and automatically by lefties.

The left hand reveals a lot about who you really are inside. Lefties often are quite different from other people who are "righties". Lefties find it hard meeting the expectations of right handed people.

Photo of left hand.The left hand holds the indicators that show how we live in our private life and inner world with all our dreams, fantasies and unconscious desires -- which man be very different from what is often displayed to the public and friends who are right handed.

It is common for a person’s left and right hands to be different. Fingers may be different lengths; major lines may be longer or shorter; mounds can be bigger or smaller, and coloring is often different. These indicators reveal how a person functions differently in their inner world with family and intimate friends. The right hand reveals how we function in our outer world with co-workers and neighbors -- people more distant.

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Check your left hand for these good indicators that imply good relationships and successes close to home with family and close friends:

Jupiter finger for palmistry reading.

Straight index finger (Jupiter finger) longer than ring finger (Apollo finger):

Apollo finger for palmistry reading.

Ring finger (Apollo finger) straight and longer than index finger (Jupiter finger):

Middle finger (Saturn finger) straight with vertical lines anywhere:

Mercury finger for palmistry reading.

Little finger (Mercury finger) straight and leans out from ring finger:

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