Palm Reading for the Expressive Lover


Heart Line of the Expressive Person

Heart line of the Expressive person. Notice how the Heart Line is long and curves up well under the middle finger. This person can be happy one minute then sad the next. They bounce around in between extremes from one minute to the next. Emotions fluctuate from moment to moment, and each mood is separate from all the others with its own emotional charge.

A relationship with this person can be like a roller coaster with all the excitement and terror back to back in a very short time. If he or she is emotionally "down at the moment" don't worry. Very soon the mood will dramatically change and shoot up. The psychological mood changes come and go like the ocean tides, and that keeps a relationship interesting but challenging.

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This Expressive type person, with her or his curved heart line ending under the middle finger, lives in the practical "now". The future is too far away to worry about. Right now is the most important time and must be experienced fully, exploring all the rich facets that are possible. This nearsightedness makes everything in each moment seem more important than any future events. Planning for tomorrow is not part of today, so this attitude often leads to problems tomorrow and that just ensures lots of activities tomorrow to make life interesting with this person!

This Expressive person reacts strongly and frequently to minor events. She or he devotes full attention to enjoying all the senses each moment. Other people are often envious of someone who can live and enjoy so much in life.

If the middle finger is straight and strong, this Expressive person will seldom get involved in taking care of other people's needs.

Best Type Mate for the Expressive Person:

The Thinker or the Pleaser type mate is especially compatible with this expressive person.

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