Palm Reading for the Nurturing Lover


Heart Line of the Nurturer Person

Heart line  of the Nurturer type .

This Heart Line is long and curved up well under the index finger revealing that this person expresses love with a lot of confidence, charm, and personal power. Since the index finger is used to most strongly express one's personal power, this curved long Heart Line ending near the base of the index finger reveals strong personal power in relationships.

In a relationship, this person becomes the Nurturer type and takes care of the mate with great love and caring. He or she is very giving, nurturing, and tends to satisfy the needs of the mate before their own needs. They are idealists and sentimentalists who see their nurturing efforts and caring as their most precious gift to others. They use caring and nurturing as a way of expressing love.

The Nurturer Has a Hard Time Receiving Love

The Nurturer goes into every relationship giving 150% and never indicates that anything is expected in return. However, she or he assumes that equal "love" will be returned, because a Nurturer is also an idealist! Unfortunately, the type of mate attracted to the Nurturer type is usually the opposite type. So at some point in the relationship the Nurturer frequently feels resentful and "used". Also the Nurturer's partner no longer gets what she or he has grown to expect, so is dissatisfied, too. When this happens, the relationship is over for both unless they can see what is happening.

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Nurturer types need to understand their style of showing love and make contracts with their mate to get their own needs met. Very early in the relationship Nurturers would do well to say clearly that they are givers, and what and how much they want to give to the relationship. Then they must say what it is they expect in return. The last step for the Nurturer is to ask the partner if she or he is willing to give back what is desired. This contract can be renegotiated at any time. Maybe it isn't written down or stated in exactly this way; however, some form of a contract, agreement, or understanding is essential for the Nurturer to not feel used. Without this basic understanding (i.e. "the contract or understanding"), the Nurturer may frequently feel used.

Best Type Mate for the Nurturer Person:

The Independent or the Humanitarian type mate is especially compatible.

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