Palm Reading for the Independent Type Lover


Heart Line of the Independent Person

Heart line psychology of the Independent type. This short and straight Heart Line reveals the least emotional type person for a relationship. These reserved and inwardly directed types appear passive about receiving love and act cool toward all relationships. They seek calmness and want to not be distracted by someone too close. Their best side is that they are no-nonsense people who are practical, loyal, and dependable.

The independent person needs plenty of "alone time". He or she does not want a partner who makes demands on their time and energy. He or she may even resort to creating an argument so that their mate will leave them alone. Peace and quiet afterward are worth the effort of an argument. This person needs rest and quietly alone periods often, and more than any of the other lover types. It is the Independent person's nature to not hang on to bad feelings for long. After a break and a rest, he or she can easily forget and forgive and move on with life like nothing ever happened to disturb the peace -- even when it was he or she who created the disturbance to the peace!

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Independents demonstrate their love for their mate by doing little practical tasks. Their way of showing love is by doing practical things like fixing things around the house. Since Independents are so practical, dedicated, and loyal, it seems unnecessary for them to keep affirming their love to their mate in less practical ways such as giving flowers that will soon die.

Independents often do well in relationships with a person who has a Nurturer Heart Line. This combination works well because the Nurturer is giving out love, and the Independent can passively receive it. Maybe this is not a fair and equal situation, but it works as long as the Nurturer is not clingy and is willing to give the Independent plenty of space and time alone.

Best Type Mate for the Independent Person:

The Pleaser or the Nurturer type mate is especially compatible.

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