Palm Reading for the Thinker Type Lover


Heart Line of the Thinker Type Person

Heart line psychology of the Thinker typeThis Heart Line is long, only slightly curved up, and ends under the index finger. This person does more thinking about relationships than acting on them. The Thinker is very sentimental and idealistic about relationships. But rather than take action, she or he spends most of the time thinking, analyzing and diagnosing a relationship. Idealistic dreams are often more satisfying (and easier) than pursuing a real-life lover. The mental fantasies are often more beautiful and satisfying than any real relationship could be. Real-life relationships are filled with possible problems that the Thinker worries about even when the problems are not present. This drains emotional energy and action out of the relationship while the Thinker worries about future problems that may never occur.

Hand of the Thinker typePeople with the Thinker type of Heart Line are very considerate, just, and responsible about commitments in a relationship. Their relationship must have meaning, and they work hard to keep " peace at any cost". The Thinker's ideal romance is filled with poetry, cards, flowers, romantic dinners, and long talks about the past and future. They enjoy thinking over and over about what happened the last time together. The thoughts of what did happen and what could have happened are reviewed in the mind repeatedly. Unfortunately, most of the future plans don't get realized because they spend so much time thinking about the romance rather than doing more in person with the partner.

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The "Thinker" needs justification to make requests. If there is not a very good reason to request time and energy of someone, they will do it themselves or do without. It takes a crisis for them to ask for help. After all, they are idealists and feel that they should not need help. They suppress both their needs and their feelings in order to look like everything is OK.

 Often the Thinker is willing to give up personal comforts with an idealistic vision in mind that somehow that will make the romance better and more precious to the partner. But with the correct partner no sacrifices are necessary, and the relationship can be better than imagined.

Best Type Mate for the Thinker Person:

The Expressive or the Nurturer type mate is especially compatible.

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