Palm Reading for the Pleaser Type Lover


The Heart Line of the Pleaser Person

Heart line of the Pleaser type. Pleasers can fit in well anywhere and in any type crowd. People with this Pleaser Heart Line will act the way they think other people expect them to act, especially with their mate. Pleasers have an excellence sense for "reading people" and then know how to act around them.

However, it is very difficult and scary for the Pleaser to show his or her true feelings because they fear it might not please someone. Instead of being honest with their feelings, they will focus their actions on what will please the other person to ensure a positive response. Pleasers will do whatever is necessary to avoid having to deal with the another person's negative responses.

This behavior pattern to get "peace at any cost" is behavior to avoid painful disapproval or anger from others. The price the Pleaser pays for acceptance from others is loss of his or her emotional power to feel their true feelings.

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Heart line psychology of the Pleaser type for palmistry, palm reading, palm reader and hand reader.If the downturn on the end of the Heart Line just points to, but does not touch, the Life Line, then the tendencies are medium. This is also true if the Heart Line is very faint.

Heart line of the Pleaser.

When the Heart Line end touches the Life Line, the tendencies are frequent and severe. If the Heart Line end crosses and goes inside the Life Line, this person will do anything to please others.

Best Type Mate for the Pleaser Person:

The Independent or the Nurturer type mate is especially compatible.

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