Palm Reading for Humanitarian Type Lover


Heart Line of the Humanitarian Person

[NOTE: This type of Heart Line description applies only when there is also a Head Line on the hand. When there is only one line across the hand, this rare situation is called a Simian Line. See Simian Line page when there is only one line present.]

Humanitarian type palm reading heart line.This type Heart Line extends all the way across the hand to the other side. This is called the Humanitarian Heart Line, and it symbolizes the loving heart energy directed to other people and beings. Humanitarian Heart Line people love all living things, including plants, trees, animals and people. Humanitarians Heart Line type people have a strong commitment to helping all beings in need. They are quick to volunteer for every humanitarian project that comes their way.

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The Humanitarian's Heart Line type has to watch out in a relationship to not neglect self and/or their mate while they go off on yet another humanitarian crusade. The mate for the Humanitarian Heart Line type must have a lot of patience and needs to support the noble efforts without feeling neglected.

Best Type Mate for the Humanitarian Heart Line Person:

The Independent or the Thinker type mate is especially compatible.

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