Index Finger is Taller Than Ring Finger


How to Read Your Long Index Finger

Your long index finger shows you have a natural ability for leadership and a sense of strong personal power. You will be most successful and happiest when you work in a job or career where you can use your personal power and leadership.

Jupiter pointing expressing personal power.The index finger (in palmistry called the Jupiter finger) reveals a lot about one’s ability to use personal power to get things done. We unconsciously use the index finger in gestures to express our personal power by pointing, poking and wagging. The Jupiter energies associated with the index finger are personal power, authority, leadership, confidence, pride, and ambition. It is natural for us to use the index finger when talking to express our personal power, authority, leadership, confidence, pride, and ambition.

The index finger condition reveals how Jupiter energies are used to impact others and to get what we want. The longer and stronger the index finger (compared to the ring finger ), the more we use it to express strong feelings about our personal power, authority, leadership, confidence, pride, and ambition. Strong Jupiter Finger A long and strong index finger indicates that the Jupiter energies are available, abundant, and used freely to express our strong sense of leadership. The successful leader with strong personal power, leadership, confidence, pride, and ambition will have an index finger that is proportionately longer and stronger than the ring finger.

In palmistry, the left hand expresses how we deal with family and personal close friends. The right hand (even if left-handed) reveals how we deal with the public, job, and distant connections with people. If only the left-hand index finger is longer and stronger, then this shows that the Jupiter energies are expressed mainly in private life and not on the job and in public. The successful major corporation CEO with strong leadership will usually have a strong dominant index finger on the right hand.

Interestingly, I have observed many women have a large index finger on their left hand but a small index finger on their right hand. This indicates that at home they are the leader and express strong personal power. However, out in public they do not express strong Jupiter energies of personal power, authority, leadership, confidence, pride, and ambition.

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Additional Information is in the Finger Tip

Palmistry Jupiter Tip

If this long index finger tip is square, then the personal power skills will be best applied in practical applications. Palmistry Jupiter Square Tip

Palmistry Apollo Pointy Tip

If this long index finger tip is pointy, then the leadership skills will often be emotional. An extreme case of this long index finger with a long pointy tip, might cause a person to be a gentle leader that few people can understand and appreciate. Pointy finger tips indicate a high degree of sensitivity, spirituality and possibly psychic abilities.

Palmistry Apollo Conic Tip

If this long index finger tip is conic shaped, then the leadership skills will be not extreme and will fit most average daily needs.

Palmistry Apollo Spatulate Tip

If this long index finger tip is spatulate shaped, then the leadership skills will be extreme and out of the ordinary. This person may upset some people with radical new ideas and ways of doing routine things very differently.

Additional Information in the Hand About Leadership in Job or Career

Palmistry Bent JupiterA bend at the end of the index finger reveals a troublesome stress that is blocking some expression of the leadership qualities. A twist shows that there is even more stress. A person with a badly bent index finger will not be a strong leader without some help.

A bend toward the thumb (rare) indicates a need for more inner personal power than is normally available and demonstrated. When the upper zone of the index finger is bent toward Saturn (middle finger), this indicates a need to rely on rules and established laws in order to use personal power. Without some other authority available as backup, outgoing leadership and assertiveness powers are weakened. There will be a lack of aggressive energy, and she or he may never “pull the trigger” to get any action.

A person with a bent index finger tip will use her or his personal power indirectly. He or she will not be direct in making requests or demands without some other authority.

Example of indirect use of personal power: "I wish people would stop smoking around me."

Example of direct use of personal power: "Please don't smoke while I'm here."

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