Modern Palmistry Leadership Indicators


How to Read Palmistry Leadership Indicators

Leader palmistry indicators.If you have one or more of these palmistry indicators shown below, you will do well to seek a job or career where you can use your excellent leadership skills. These indicators reveal strong leadership natural talents that can produce much success in life for you.

Leader palmistry indicator A.

A: Long middle section of Jupiter Finger (Index Finger):

Leader palmistry indicator B.

B: "Star of Jupiter" Is a Good Mark

Leader palmistry indicator C.
C: A Wide Thumb Angle Wants Action:

Leader palmistry indicator D.

D: Long Fate Line leaning toward Jupiter Finger base:

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Leader palmistry indicator E.

E: Head Line Turns Up At End:

Are You the Leader Type or the Creative "Idea Person" Type?

Hold both hands out as shown and observe your dominant hand. (If you are right-handed, your right hand is your dominant hand.) Pair of hands for palmistry reading.

Compare your ring finger and your index finger length. One may be taller than the other.

Click on the image below that is closest to yours.

Ring Finger is Taller Than Index Finger

Long ring finger

Index finger is Taller Than Ring Finger

Long index finger

Both Fingers are Equal Length

Career help is revealed in the hand.

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