Love and Romance


What Do Your Hands Reveal About Love and Romance?

Lover palmistry indicators.

No one has all of the palmistry marks shown here for love and romance, but if you have even one or two of these indicators you are very lucky. Each of these marks is good evidence that you have an extraordinary capacity for love and romance in a specific way.

Study the palmistry indicators shown below to understand in which way you have advantages for romance and love in the future.

Lover heartline indicators.

A: Long Curved Heart Line Ending at Index Finger:

Lover indicators.

B: Well developed Mound With Vertical Lines:

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Relationship Research Study Results

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Lover heartline indicators.

C: Wide Lower Section of Little Finger:

Lover girdles indicators.

D: "Girdles of Venus" Lines (One or more long lines. Even one short line here indicates some small amount of influence as described below.):

E: Full and Rounded Mound With Vertical Lines:

Lover vertical line indicators.

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