Ring Finger is Taller Than Index Finger


Seek Career Where You Can Use Your Creativity

Long ring finger

The index finger being shorter than the ring finger shows that you are not seeking a leadership position. Instead, your energies are directed more to being creative and inventive with new ideas and new ways of doing things. The longer and wider your ring finger is, compared to your index finger, the stronger is your creativity and inventiveness.

You will be happiest when you work in a job or career where you can use your excellent creativity. You can go far using your ideas to create, update and improve the many aspects of your job or position. Even off the job, being creative is a natural and satisfying drive in you.

You have a natural skill for seeing new ways of doing things and using objects. You like to be unique in how you make use of your resources. You especially like to do things, and then admire the results of your creative efforts. That is very satisfying to you at deep emotional levels, and it gives you energy for even more creative projects. Being creative and seeing what you can do new is one of the most important activities for your happiness.

You need not be promoted to a leadership position to be your happiest, although the pay may be higher in such a position. Unless you can use your creativity in the top position, you will probably be less satisfied and less happy, even with more money. Being an innovative staff worker will be more rewarding in the long run than being a top leader or CEO.

You thrive on the appreciation from others for your creative talents. You get great satisfaction from seeing the results of what you create, and this is more beneficial to your health and happiness than any material things. Whether you are cleaning a floor or building a huge business empire, the real payoff for you is the satisfaction of looking at the completed task and knowing that you did that!

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Additional Information About Creativity is in the Finger Tips

Palmistry Apollo Tip Palmistry Apollo Square Tip

If this long ring finger tip is square, then the creative skills will be mostly in practical applications. Creative projects will be the type that produce practical benefits.

Palmistry Apollo Pointy Tip

If this long ring finger tip is pointy, then the creative skills will be mostly emotional or spiritual projects that may not be grounded in material benefits or applications. An extreme case of this long ring finger with a long pointy tip might cause a person to be an artistic genius that few people can understand and appreciate. Pointy finger tips indicate a high degree of spirituality and possibly psychic abilities.

Palmistry Apollo Conic Tip

If this long ring finger tip is conic shaped, then the creative skills will be not extreme and will fit most average daily needs.

Palmistry Apollo Spatulate Tip

If this long ring finger tip is spatulate shaped, then the creative skills will be extreme and out of the ordinary. This person may upset some people with radical new ideas and ways of doing routine things very differently.

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