Research Results on Thumb Horizontal Lines


Not a Minor Thing to Ignore

Thumb Horizontal Lines. I have used regression hypnosis to research these horizontal lines in the thumb end zone with some people who had them. In nearly all cases, everyone identified a specific event (or repeated pattern of events) in the past which related to the horizontal line or lines. Many people stated while hypnotized that the events had an overall effect of limiting their success in life through self-sabotaging behavior. In some cases, the person reported (under hypnosis) that the event occurred in a past life. (Here are some interesting cases of past life recall with healing.)

This is how one hypnotized woman described the significant event in early childhood associated with her deep horizontal thumb line:

“I am thirteen years old, standing in the doorway to the kitchen and looking at my stepfather. I am feeling painfully aware that I will never be good enough to get his love.” In response to the question of how that event affected her life, she said, “I go up only so high in reaching my goals and then I sabotage them. I get sick, quit, or have an accident. I’ve got a ceiling on how high I let myself go. I feel like I don’t deserve to be too successful.”

About a year later this client contacted me and said that since she could see her pattern of self-sabotage, she had made big changes and found a whole new life. She even found a publisher and was writing a book!

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Another one of my clients was upset with her hand reading when this strong line was pointed out. She didn't want to hear anything except how fantastic she was, without any negative things she could change. Her life was a disaster from her self-sabotage, but she denied any responsibility for it. According to her view of life, she was always an innocent victim.

Takes a Wise and Brave Person to Make Big Changes

If you have one or more of these horizontal thumb lines, the challenge for you is to identify if there are prior experiences subconsciously causing self-sabotage. Regression hypnosis is a valuable therapeutic tool to identify quickly and change the perception of the past experiences and allow greater successes. However, it may be hard to find someone doing regression hypnosis in your area. If you can't get outside help, at least be aware that you may have self-sabotaging behavior patterns that you might work on. Watch for any negative patterns and devote your full energy to changing any self-sabotaging behavior patterns that can block your successes. After the self-defeating behavior is changed, you should have many more successes in life.


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