Your Thumb Reveals Your Success Potential


How to Read Your Thumb

Do you have one or more of these good indicators below that relate to success and money? If you have any of these indicators this shows that you have abundant natural skills, wisdom, and talents for obtaining success and money.

First check your thumb angle:

Hands out for palm reading.1. Hold your hands out in front of you relaxed and comfortable. Let your fingers and thumb settle into the least stressed position. Neither stiff nor limp.

Compare your thumb angle to this drawing below. If the angle is different for each thumb, use the dominant hand. If you have this big angle then, you are really lucky!

Palmistry Thumb Angle Large Your big thumb angle (C) reveals that you are strongly independent, resourceful, and someone who is ready to take action and make big things happen! If others aren’t fast enough, you will do what needs to be done before the others can get organized enough to get started. That is what a big thumb angle indicates: excellent natural resources and skills for achieving great successes in all areas. Lucky you!

Your large thumb angle is one of the best palmistry indicators for success. This large thumb angle indicates that you know at your deepest subconscious level that you have extraordinary energy to make big things happen in your own desired way. You easily change the physical world to get results where others fail. You are always ready to take on challenges to make big things happen and get the rewarding results in unique ways others fear to try.

With a big thumb angle, you naturally and easily apply your keen skills and talents wisely to give you an edge over your competition so that you get closer to money, power, and success before they do. Your advantages (indicated by this big thumb angle), plus hard work and a little luck, will put you closer to your desired money and success far beyond your expectations.

Palmistry CEO ThumbA large thumb angle combined with a strong, long, and straight index finger is the very best of palmistry indicators for success and money! The strong index finger is a sure sign of strong personal power. The large thumb angle indicates this person is ready to take action and knows they can do anything. Research on the most successful people in the world (at least the honest, self-made ones) reveals that these two indicators (Big thumb angle and long straight index finger.) are common and dominant features in their hands.

What a Small Thumb Angle Indicates

Palmistry Thumb Angle Large A small thumb angle (A) reveals a cautious person who is often involved in mental activities of personal importance (like daydreaming). This person does not have a high priority in making many physical things happen in their outer physical world. Instead of taking action to accomplish physical things, she or he would rather be a loyal and trusted follower, letting others do the job and take the credit. Only when this person with a small thumb angle feels safe and very supported does she, or he take independent action to produce significant results in the outer physical world. This person is a “dreamer” rather than a “doer”.

For those people who are in continuous bliss and/or who don’t want any changes in life, then a small thumb angle is perfect for them. There are certainly times when it is not important to “push the river”.

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Thumb End Zone Reveals Determination to Succeed

Thumb End Zone Large A long, wide, and thick thumb end zone reveals exceptionally strong will power and determination. When the end zone is extraordinarily thick, it reveals that an excess abundance of energy is stored there. This excess drive and determination may be overpowering and even be a threat to others. The challenge for a person with this type thick thumb end zone is to use the excess will power and determination in positive ways. A person with this thick end zone must not let the abundance of energy get too “pushy”, or drive her or him to excesses.

The large thumb end zone only indicates strong determination to get results and succeed; it does not reveal anything about the other qualities that contribute to success, such as skill and physical ability.

Thumb End Zone Flexibility and Success

For best successes in life, the thumb should not be too stiff and rigid, nor too loose and flexible. Using a tree example, the tree that is too rigid will snap off in high winds. The tree that is so flexible that it can't stand erect is not much good either. Ideally both the thumb and tree are best suited for all situations when there is both some slight rigidity and some flexibility.

Thumb End Zone Stiff

Thumb End Zone Stiff A rigid thumb end zone reveals that she or he is stubbornly set on getting what is wanted. There is resistance to hearing other’s helpful suggestions. This rigid end zone indicates a stubbornness that may block out valuable help when offered. In many cases, this stiff thumb can be an advantage and help to reach goals. The challenge for the person with a rigid thumb end zone is to loosen up and be open to receiving more help from others.

Thumb End Zone Easily Bends Back

Thumb End Zone LooseWhen the end zone is easily bent back at a large angle, it reveals a person who “bends over backwards” to please and help others. A person with this "loose" thumb is a good peacemaker, negotiator, and public relations representative. She or he is generous to a fault but usually extravagant with money.


The challenge for this person is to very carefully and objectively evaluate each situation where she or he feels a need to help someone. She or he needs to set limits on self-sacrificial behavior, and how much time and energy to devote to those in need. The person with this very flexible thumb needs to watch out that she or he does not become too extravagant with money, time, and personal energy given to others. If this is your type thumb, start right now learning to just let others tell you their problems. All you should do is just say, "Wow, I hear what you are going through and admire you solving your own problems." Don't offer to help or rescue them!

Thumb End Zone Horizontal Lines Block Success

Thumb End Lines At the left is a drawing of the end zone of a thumb. One or more horizontal lines may appear anywhere in the thumb end zone, and they are not desirable. These lines are not good to have on anyone seeking high success! These horizontal lines reveal that there are blocks to getting results in life. These lines indicate that there are self-imposed, self-defeating patterns that limit and block one's will power and determination. This person probably is not getting maximum results in many areas of life, due to her or his self-sabotage. (NOTE: Do not consider any line where the joint bends to be a blocking type of a horizontal line. Joint lines are normal.) Read More About Your Success Here. . .

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