About Your Right Hand


How to Read Your Right Hand

Scientists know that there are numerous different functions in the left and right halves of our brain. They know that the brain left half controls the body right side, and the right half brain controls the left body side. The published research on this subject is abundant and supports what we know in palmistry about left-hand and right-hand characteristics.

The left brain half processes logic, reason, and language which reflects the influences of culture, social environment, education, and experience. Therefore, the right hand reveals how we deal daily with our outer world of co-workers, acquaintances, and the public with all the details and trivia of daily life. The right hand reveals how we want all the details of our personal unique features and traits to be seen by co-workers, neighbors, and the public.

Photo of right hand.The right hand holds the indicators that exhibit our strongest and weakest personal qualities used in daily interactions with people not close to us, like co-workers and casual acquaintances. The right hand also reveals our outer world history, such as how cautious or reckless we are. Yes, our good and bad habits are recorded in our right hand. Let's take a look at yours.

If you have strong straight fingers, healthy looking full mounds, and deep clear major lines this indicates that you are in very good condition to face whatever lies ahead. You unconsciously feel stronger and better prepared to handle outer world problems than a person who shows signs of stress in the right hand (twisted and bent fingers, puny mounds and lines). Your degree of success in the future is implied in your right hand.

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Check your right hand for these good indicators that imply good future performance on the job, with friends, and out in public activities:

Jupiter finger for palmistry reading.

Straight index finger (Jupiter finger) longer than ring finger (Apollo finger):

Apollo finger for palmistry reading.

Ring finger (Apollo finger) straight and longer than index finger (Jupiter finger):

Mercury finger for palmistry reading.

Little finger (Mercury finger) straight and leans out from ring finger:

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