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Palmistry Reading for Thumb

How strong your thumb is reveals how well you make tools work to get things done, get results, and generally make things happen in your daily life. If you have a strong thumb with the palmistry markings shown, you will achieve more successes than people with weak thumbs and none of these palmistry markings. This is true for both physical and mental successes. In palmistry the thumb reveals how effectively you shape, control, and dominate all of your activities in life.

Palm readers look at the thumbs to determine how well a person is getting results in most areas of life. Thumbs that are big, strong, and straight reveal a person who gets excellent results in most endeavors. Even if there are some negative indicators in the fingers and palm, usually strong positively marked thumbs will override any negative indicators.

Thumb Thin. An end zone which is very flat and extremely thin reveals a person who has exhausted a lot of life’s energy. She or he has little reserve energy and determination left for taking action to achieve much more in life than is already achieved. Because so much energy has been expended in the past, there is now a weakened will power to tackle anything new. This thin area shows that the reserve stores of determination and will power have become depleted to overcome life's normal obstacles. There will be a tendency to give up easily when obstacles are in the way. People with a very thin thumb end zone find it very hard to tackle new problems and strive for any new successes.

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This thin end zone on the thumb may be caused by disease, malnutrition, or over-stressed lifestyle. In any case, much help and big changes are needed to improve the present situation. The challenge for a person with a thin end zone is to identify and eliminate in life whatever is draining so much life energy, determination, and will power. All aspects of life such as diet, rest, activities, bad "friends", etc. should be reviewed for possible changes to improve rebuilding the life energies in body, mind, and spirit. Once the life energies are rebuilt, the thumb end will become thicker and the person will achieve more successes and enjoy life much more.

Two basic rules palm readers use with the thumb are these:

The right thumb deals primarily with activities in your outer world, like on the job, and with co-workers, casual contacts and neighbors. It reveals how easily and effectively you get results doing things with people outside your family and closest friends.

Your left thumb deals primarily with your inner world of activities in personal life, and with your intimate family members and closest friends. It reveals how easily and effectively you get results doing things with those people closest to you.

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